Our Water Purification Process

Our water purification process is aligned with our policy to offer high quality pure drinking water to our customers. Our carefully planned process helps in filtering raw water off its impurities thereby producing clean water as our end product. Our filtration process takes place in our mineral water plant and is explained below as follows;

Raw drinking water is carefully collected in a clean underground tank for the pre-treatment process. Ozonized it is taken for production In the first phase of production, the pretreated water undergoes the sand filtration process, this helps in removing impurities present in the water After the sand filtration, the water is put through carbon filtration where the activated carbon during the pretreatment process get absorbed Then water is taken through the micron filter to absorbed any remaining impurities Water is put through a high pressure pump that is set for 10,000 litter per 1 hours capacity Water is then treated through the reverse osmosis process where the chemicals and minerals present in the water is broken down and the concentration of the same reduces drastically thus providing pure water On completion of the reverse osmosis, the disinfection process takes place where water is once again put through 0.2 & 0.1 micron filtration one after the other – this helps in absorbing any remaining carbon and other water impurities. This has the capability of removing any particles that are small as 0.1 microns. It also helps in removing any potential micro biological contaminants. Water then is offered UV sterilization – this provides additional water disinfection After UV filtrations is done, water is taken through pipes to the final tank In the final tank, water is put through ozonation which is the third disinfection process after micron and UV filtrations. This is done with the help of highly reactive form of oxygen. On the completion of this process, water is ready to be packed and distributed as packaged drinking water.